• Say Hello To My New Favorite Workout Shirt! Fear No Rep Clothing Review

    Say Hello To My New Favorite Workout Shirt! Fear No Rep Clothing Review

    Hey everyone! I recently came across a new fitness brand called Fear No Rep and they have the most amazing, funky hoodies! I am in love with their stringer hoodie!fnr2


    Fear No Rep is a California based clothing brand, with all of their clothing made in the USA. If you are like me and enjoy standing out of the crowd a little, then you will love the clothing from Fear No Rep! Not only is it unique and eye-catching, but it is also so nice and breathable!

    I especially love to wear my stringer hoodie to U-Jam. I feel like it helps to give me that extra funk and swagger I am always after. I also like it for U-Jam because I sweat so much in that class, so having the air-flow through the mid-drift section is amazing!!FNR3

    I love that the Fear No Rep stringer hoodie allows you to show some skin and feel sexy, without having to wear just a sports bra. I have had two babies and they left me with some stretch marks and loose skin on my tummy. The stringer hoodie covers it all and shows off only the good parts!FNR4

    The material on the clothing is really nice. Very soft, smooth and sweat absorbent. Just what I like! The clothing seems to be very well made too.

    Now, lets get to the pricing. You know I always love a good deal and the stringer hoodie is just that! Priced at just $36 each, you can’t go wrong. They have a lot of fun colors and some cool prints too. They also have tank tops starting at just $19, as well as men’s clothing!FNR5

    Can’t wait to see more? Head on over to http://www.ifearnorep.com/ and check em’ out!

    Please feel free to leave any questions or comments at the bottom!

    XO Kim

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