• What is PiYo?

    What is PiYo?

    So you are probably wondering, “what the heck is PiYo?”. Well, I am here to fill you in!

    First off, PiYo is pronounced “pie-yo”. It requires a Yoga Mat, a water bottle and comfortable clothing that you would wear to a fitness or Yoga class. I also always recommend a “sweat towel”, because you will most likely get very sweaty in this class. PiYo is a fitness format that uses Yoga poses and Pilates moves, combining them into a strength, flexibility and stamina building workout.


    PiYo uses upbeat, motivating music throughout the entire class, to really keep you going. Unlike most traditional Yoga classes, PiYo is quite fast paced, moving fluidly through different poses to the beat of the music. We also don’t do any meditation in PiYo, so if you have trouble sitting still, this is the class for you!


    The great thing about PiYo is that you don’t have to have experience taking Yoga or Pilates classes. Without any experience behind you, the first couple of classes are a bit tricky, however if you stick with it, you will quickly learn the poses and things will get easier. If you do have a background in Yoga or Pilates, you will be able to catch on slightly easier, and you may find yourself quickly picking up advanced moves. Instructors are able to modify the movements to make it easier/harder as needed.


    PiYo is a workout that will give you great results if you do it regularly. You will notice an increase in your strength, stamina and flexibility. On top of all that, PiYo is a very fun workout. What are you waiting for, give it a try!

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