• Full Body Hottie

    Full Body Hottie

    This full body workout will have you looking like a full body hottie in no time!

    This workout is great for all levels of fitness. If you are a beginner and find it tough, start with just one or two sets of each exercise and build up on it gradually.

    This workout is great for toning your muscles. Doing more reps at a lighter weight will help your muscles stay lean if you are looking for a less bulky look ūüėČ

    I recommend doing this workout at least 2 times per week to achieve full body hottie results.

    Always make sure to consult with a doctor prior to beginning any exercise program, to ensure that the exercises are suitable for your personal fitness level.

    Please perform an efficient warm up before starting this exercise. A 5 minute walk on the treadmill, some jumping jacks or something similar to get your blood flowing will do fine.

    For this workout you will need:

    A set of  light-medium dumbbells

    Light-medium weight barbell ( I use 10lbs dumbbells or 20lbs barbell)

    Towel (for sweat)

    Water bottle to stay hydrated!

    If you are unfamiliar with any of these exercises, head over to youtube and search the exercise. You will find many videos showing you how to properly perform each exercise.

    Full Body Hottie Workout:

    1) Barbell Bicep Curls 3 sets, 12-20 reps

    2) Triceps Dips 3 sets, 8-20 reps

    3) Dumbbell Incline Chest Press 3 sets 12-20 reps

    4) Single arm Dumbbell Rows 3 sets, 12-20 reps each side

    5) Standing Leg Abduction 15-30 reps each side

    6) Body Weight Plyo Lunges ( Alternating Legs ) 3 sets, 20-30 reps

    Take breaks of 30-120 seconds in between sets.

    Please follow this workout with a proper cool down and stretch.


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