• Chest and Back Workout

    Chest and Back Workout

    Muscle Building Chest and Back Workout Are you looking for a workout that will give you a beautiful, defined back and a toned, sexy chest? Try out this workout! Choose a weight that is heavy and that is difficult for you on the last two reps, this will help you to build up more muscle

  • Tabata Workout

    Tabata Workout

    Tabata is a high intensity workout that has amazing fitness and weight-loss benefits! This type of workout will make you burn some serious calories and send you quickly on your way to having that hot beach-bod you have always wanted! (If  you do this workout a couple times a week regularly, of course!) Tabata gets

  • Move and Groove Fitness Coquitlam

    I am so excited to announce the addition of a new Coquitlam location for Move and Groove Fitness! PiYo will be running every Monday night from 5:45-6:45 at Sasha Fitness in beautiful Coquitlam. Address is 2786 Barnet Highway in Coquitlam. This is very close to Lansdowne Street. To celebrate the addition of this class I

  • Fitness Clothing Review – Kyodan Fitness Apparel

    Fitness Clothing Review – Kyodan Fitness Apparel

    I am so excited to finally be doing my first fitness clothing review! I have fallen in love with a fitness/yoga apparel line called Kyodan. Kyodan fitness apparel is a company based out of Montreal. If you haven’t tried their fitness clothing yet, I suggest you do! And get ready to be stunned by their

  • The “Get That Bubble Butt” Workout!

    The “Get That Bubble Butt” Workout!

    What girl doesn’t want a bubble butt?! I have yet to find someone who wouldn’t want to have a tight, perky booty. The perfect amount of muscle to hold up those cute little summer time bikini’s….. Well stop dreaming about that perfect bubble butt and start working towards it!! Summer is getting near, but if